Saw Doctor on Tour
000 Uddeholmstrip Saw Doctor visited Customers in Malaysia
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New Steel Grade for Saw Steel
Bohler-Uddeholm Precision Strip AB introduces steel grade UHB15LM for 000 sawsteel
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Precision Strip Steel

BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip AB is a leading supplier of precision strip steel. Over the years we have gained a considerable know-how in the handling of precision strip steel and its advanced applications, which have made us a valuable partner when it comes to the choice of materials.

We are able to handle complex combinations of attributes within strip steel and we succeed to manufacture high quality products with very precise and narrow tolerances. If you chose to work with us it means that you can combine your experience of the application with our unbeaten know-how in industrial processing and material properties.

Together with our customers we are constantly developing new products and new material for many different branches ranging from surgical instruments to flapper valves.

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